Providing top quality bowling equipment, drilling and instruction for bowlers of all ages and skill levels.

New Bowlers

If your are a beginning bowler, a custom fitted bowling ball, bowling bag and bowling shoes will help improve your scores and enhance your enjoyment of the game. I will determine the proper ball weight you, recommend a bowling ball appropriate for your age, skill level and budget, custom fit your new bowling ball and drill it while you wait. I will make minor adjustments to insure that your bowling ball is comfortable. I also provide lessons to help you get started.

Intermediate Bowlers

For intermediate bowlers, the grip and bowling ball selection is even more important. I will evaluate your existing grip and discuss options for ball types based on the desired bowling ball reaction. Do you want more or less hook? Are you having trouble converting the 10 pin because the bowling ball is hooking too much? Are you thinking about advancing to a fingertip grip or using finger grips? I will recommend affordable equipment options that will help take your game to the next level.

Advanced Bowlers

Advanced players need advanced bowling balls and layouts to be competitive in high scoring environments, or to achieve success on more challenging PBA, Sport, and tournament conditions. If you are an advanced player, I will develop an equipment strategy suitable for your style and experience. I will determine the best cover and core combinations based on your positive axis point (PAP), ball speed and rev rate, and use advanced layout techniques and surface adjustments to achieve an optimal ball reaction.

About Scott Bourland

Scott Bourland, Strikehouse Pro Shop
I have been in the bowling business for over 30 years, and have been drilling bowling balls professionally since 1990. I attend classes and seminars to stay on top of the latest equipment trends anddrilling techniques.




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Bowling Balls

Types of Bowling Balls


These bowling balls are great for beginners and are the least expensive. They can also be used by better bowlers to shoot spares because of their ability to go straight.

Visa-bowling ball

These are plastic bowling balls with designs or logos on them and they're a lot of fun. You can get a Visa-ball with your favorite football team or cartoon character. Want your bowling ball to look like a baseball or billiard ball? No problem. With a Visa-ball, you will be the life of the bowling party!

Glow bowling balls

As the name implies, these bowling balls glow in the dark. Pretty cool, huh? If you're a "cosmic" bowler, you will love having a bowling ball that glows!

Solid Reactive

Solid reactive balls give you the most overall hook on oily lanes. They tend to start rolling sooner than a shiny ball and produce a hook with more of an arcing shape (like a banana). These balls are good for the bowler that needs some help hooking the ball, especially when the lanes are oily.

Pearl Reactive

These bowling balls tend to travel farther down the lane before hooking and have a stronger reaction on the back part of the lane (like a hockey stick). They are good for when the lanes have less oil.


These are combo balls. Hybrids are part solid reactive and part pearl. They tend to go longer down the lane than a solid reactive, but hook sooner than a pearl. Hybrids make good benchmark balls. They also make good transition balls when the lanes start to change.


These can best be described as "old school" bowling balls. They were popular in the 80's before reactive bowling balls were invented. Today, they work best when the lanes are drier. Advanced players also use urethane balls to tame tough lane conditions.

Bags & Shoes

Types of Bowling Bags

Strikehouse Pro Shop sells a wide range of bags in many styles and colors.

single bag

Bowling Shoes

If you want to improve your scores, having your own shoes is a must. House shoes are not only expensive and ill-fitting, they do not provide the proper traction for your non-sliding foot. With shoe rental costing $4 a pair, your new shoes from Strikehouse Pro Shop will quickly pay for themselves. Shoes come in a range range of styles, from a sneaker style to shoes with interchangeable soles and heels for more advanced players.

Shoes at Strikehouse Pros Shop


Strikehouse carries a wide variety of accessories for all skill levels. One of our most popular items is slide powder, which can be used if your hand sticks or your shoes are not sliding. Bowler's tape is also very popular for intermediate and advanced players who want to keep their thumb hole fitting snugly. You should always have ball cleaner to extend the life and reaction of your bowling ball. Wrist braces will help you keep you wrist straight and give you a more consistent release.

Tape at Strikehouse Pro Shop

Grips & Inserts

Finger Grips

Finger grips or inserts are softer than the bowling ball itself. They allow you to get more lift which creates more power and more hook. Finger grips are used by most intermediate, advanced and pro players. They also allow you to get the same feel when changing from bowling ball to bowling ball. Strikehouse sells Vise and Turbo brand finger grips.

Thumb Inserts

Thumb insert are made of a urethane material similar to the material of a bowling ball. They are used for comfort, and are smoother than the inside of the ball itself. Thumb inserts also allow you to get the same feel when changing from ball to ball. I sell Vise Easy Urethane thumb inserts.

I can also create a custom thumb mold for your bowling ball. Popular among advanced bowlers, this guarantees that the thumb hole will feel exactly the same on every ball.

Fitting & Drilling

Whether you are a novice or an expert, a properly fitted bowling ball is essential if you want to bowl your best. A ball that fits properly will actually feel lighter and be easier to throw. And it reduces the chance of hand pain or injury. A properly fitted ball not only feels better, it will help you to be more accurate and help you to hook the ball if that is your goal.

I custom fit your ball to ensure that your new bowling ball is not only comfortable, but gives you the best chance to be successful at your skill level. Your thumb, finger and span sizes are measured carefully using precision fitting tools. Flexibility and prior injuries are taken into account, along with the customer's goals. The fitting process takes only a few minutes. Once you have a custom fitted ball from Strikehouse, you will never want to use a house ball again.

Plug and Redrill

If your hand has changed and need a new grip, or if you are ready to step up from a conventional to fingertip grip, Strikehouse can plug and redrill your bowling ball. It's common for youth bowlers to require a plug and redrill to accommodate growth. After refitting your hand, we fill the holes with resin and redrill the ball. We can also match the grip of an existing ball if you already have a ball that fits well. This process takes one to three days, depending on how many holes need to be filled and redrilled.


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